Immigration (non EU nationals) After arrival

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If you are a citizen of a non EU country, immigration formalities will have to be arranged. In order to be eligible for this process, you must already have an employer in The Netherlands or be relocating to join your partner who is an EU citizen. Anywr Netherlands can efficiently complete the application process on behalf of you, as well as your spouse and children as the case may be. Regardless of the size of the family, you will only be invoiced for a maximum of two children. The price for the services is inclusive of the governmental fees that will we pay for you, with the exception of the DAFT application. Necessary appointments are coordinated by our team.


Immigration (non EU!) application for indefinite stay, Immigration (non EU!) main applicant change of purpose, Immigration (non EU!) permit extension, immigration (non EU!) permit extension dependant (p,p), together with sponsor application, Immigration (non EU!) application replacement residence permit ID card, Immigration (non EU!) partner change of purpose, Permit extension (non EU) child, together with parentĀ application

Immigration (non EU nationals) After arrival
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